Book Fair


May is National Family Reading Month 

monster book fair

Our Semester 1 Book Fair will be held 19 &20 May 2016.

8:30am -3:30pm  in the School Library

National Simultaneous Story Time

Will be held in the Library undercover area; 9:00am Wednesday May 25 2016

Letter to my Teenage Self


Inspiration and reassurance for teenagers

If you could go back in time and share some advice and wisdom with your teenage self, what would you say? This is exactly the question asked by Grace Halpern, a Victorian high school student in a book she has edited titled Letter to my Teenage Self.

The book began as a school project and has now been published.

The book is a collection of 53 letters from well known Australians to their teenage self. The contributors come from a variety of arenas and backgrounds such as sportspeople, scientists, musicians, politicians, actors, dancers, chefs, lawyers, authors and more.

It is interesting and reassuring to see that despite the diversity of authors there are common themes in many of the letters such as don’t compare yourself to others, be yourself, be kind, don’t worry so much, dream big and those reassuring words that we all need to hear “everything will turn out ok”.

Contributors include Guy Sebastian, Dannii Minogue, Missy Higgins, Chet Faker, Sophie Lee, Adam Gilchrist, Chris Judd, Nathan Buckley, Stephanie Rice and Layne Beachley to name just a few.

Book Week 2016

The CBCA Book Week theme for this year was Australia! Story Country – which tied in well with our
Zest Fest that has been held over the last 5 years taking our students on a journey through a number of countries with the VOC traders. We are a multicultural country with a lot of stories
to be told.

The students engaged in reading stories to peer groups, activites related to the Book Week theme and we finished the week off with a Book Week parade.


The students all looked fantastic and the lucky winners received a book prize for their efforts.

National Simultaneous Storytime

The featured Book in NSS 2016 was ” I Got this Hat ” by Jol and Kate Temple.

Mr Jeakings – our Year 5 teacher – entertained the K-6 students with his reading of I Got this Hat in the school Library. The students had been encouraged to make their own hats to wear at the reading and after there were some simple activities relating to the book to complete back in classrooms.

DSC01970 DSC01972


Book Fair May 2016

Book Fair  arrived on Wednesday with trolleys filled with wonderful books for our students to peruse and buy.

All the classes came through and students took their “Wish Lists” home to parents.

DSC01940 DSC01942

Due to the fantastic support of our School Community the Book Fair sold approx $1500 in books & variety items which enabled the Library to add $500 of new books to our Library Collection for the enjoyment of current and future students.

Maralinga’s Long Shadow

Maralinga’s Long Shadow

Yvonne’s Story

Christobel Mattingley


 The powerful story of Yvonne Edwards, artist and community leader, who lived on or near the Maralinga lands, and the cost of the fall-out for herself and her family from the nuclear tests in the 1950s.

‘Grandfather and Grandmother telling lots of stories. They had to live at Yalata. Their home was bombed. That was their home where the bomb went off. They thought it was mamu tjuta, evil spirits, coming. Everyone was frightened, thinking about people back in the bush. Didn’t know what bomb was. Later told it was poison. Parents and grandparents really wanted to go home, used to talk all the time to get their land back.’

Yvonne Edwards was just six years old when the first bombs of the nuclear tests at Maralinga were detonated in 1956. The tests continued until 1963 and their consequences profoundly affected her family and community.

This powerful book, by award-winning author Christobel Mattingley, honours Yvonne Edwards’ legacy as a highly respected artist and community elder.

Review taken from ASO 2016