Letter to my Teenage Self


Inspiration and reassurance for teenagers

If you could go back in time and share some advice and wisdom with your teenage self, what would you say? This is exactly the question asked by Grace Halpern, a Victorian high school student in a book she has edited titled Letter to my Teenage Self.

The book began as a school project and has now been published.

The book is a collection of 53 letters from well known Australians to their teenage self. The contributors come from a variety of arenas and backgrounds such as sportspeople, scientists, musicians, politicians, actors, dancers, chefs, lawyers, authors and more.

It is interesting and reassuring to see that despite the diversity of authors there are common themes in many of the letters such as don’t compare yourself to others, be yourself, be kind, don’t worry so much, dream big and those reassuring words that we all need to hear “everything will turn out ok”.

Contributors include Guy Sebastian, Dannii Minogue, Missy Higgins, Chet Faker, Sophie Lee, Adam Gilchrist, Chris Judd, Nathan Buckley, Stephanie Rice and Layne Beachley to name just a few.

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  1. I saw an interview about this book and it looked really interesting. I will need to borrow it and have a read. Thanks.

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